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“Photographer: To prance around like a pillock ordering everybody around as if you own the place” The Truth by Terry Pratchett



Phil has been a budding photographer since he was a boy. For many years it was just a hobby until in his 30’s he began studying for City & Guilding qualifications. During this time he also became a member of the Royal Photographic Society, RPS. Upon completion of the city & Guilds he was granted Licenciate membership of the RPS, (LRPS). After the city & Guilds he went on to study for a degree in commercial photography at the Art Institute Bournemouth as a mature student. Upon gaining his degree he also became an Associate member of the RPS, (ARPS). Since 2003 he has worked as professional photographer taking on various requests such as weddings, christenings, club events, commercial work, pretty much most of the areas you would expect. Now most of the work is archtectural and property for estate agents but he still takes on other areas when the request is there. Phil is based in North Dorset and covers an area that includes all of Dorset and into the surround counties of Somerset, Wiltshire, Hampshire and Devon. He will be more than happy to hear from you should you have a requirement that you need to fill.